Hi guys --

This was just posted on the forums about a half-hour ago, and I wanted to pass it along to the devel list in case it helped to shed light on one of the commonly reported bugs in 1.9.

Re: Big Black Box

New postby cj chitwood on Sun Dec 28, 2008 11:20 pm

Alright... So...

I downloaded from CVS SimGear 1.9.0 and FlightGear Source 1.9.0 and Data 1.9.0. Took a long time, to say the least. I didn't realize when I started Data that I was downloading every available airplane. But no bother, saves me the trouble later on.

I start it up, and there's the box. Ah, but wait, we now can browse the properties.

File, Browse Internal Properties (or hit "/").
Go to sim/rendering/camera-group
Select "near-field" and make it "0" (zero). Hit set, close property browser, black box is gone.

Problem is, if you reset the scenario, you have to do this all over again. I think I recall being able to set properties in the .fgfsrc file, and if so, no prob. Otherwise, this would get annoying for e.g. chopper practice.

Question for the developers: What is the purpose of having "two cameras" as I've read it called? Why have one near and one far renderer? I'm curious, not complaining...




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