syd & sandy wrote:

View->Render Options->Enable 3D Clouds

I'm getting a repeated printout saying:  "Floating point interrupt (SIGFPE)", 
and FlightGear freezes. 

I've installed Simgear-plib (CVS as of yesterday), and FlightGear-Plib source, 
CVS as of yesterday. System is Linux, Suse 10.2, gcc (GCC) 4.1.2 20061115 


Hi Durk ,
make sure the cloud cache and resolution aren't zero before enabling them....

Please (before 0.9.11-pre2), could someone slip in some code to the effect:

if (cloud_cache == 0 || resolution == 0)
    grey_out_menu_item(View->Render Options->Enable3DClouds);


This is basic, basic GUI design stuff.
We don't want FlightGear to appear on the "interface hall of shame" page now, do we?

GUI design rule 1: "If it doesn't work or is temporarily unavailable, grey it out".

If rule 1 turns out to be confusing (not obvious to the user how to enable the greyed-out item, try the following:

GUI design rule 1A: "If it doesn't work and you can't or won't grey out the button, have the button pop up an explanation-dialog".

I recall a similar situation months ago with the "autopilot" menu for the c172 that used to pop up a dialog but didn't do anything because that 'plane has its own autopilot controlled via the 3D cockpit. The latest c172 (and quite a few other 'planes) grey out the 'autopilot' menu with a bit of Nasal as I recall. Much better.