Thanks to the updated Visual C++ 2005 instructions, I was able to compile what I needed this afternoon (FINALLY!!!).

Thanks for any who were considering helping.

P.S. - If anyone is interested in obtaining the executable, send me an email.

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From: Justin <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2007 8:49:25 PM
Subject: [Flightgear-devel] Need a Windows compile for cockpit in external views

Hello all!

I've been trying to compile FlightGear 0.9.10 using both Cygwin and VS 2005 for about two weeks now, and I still can't get the thing to compile.  I need to compile it for only one reason:  I need to be able to view the panel in any external view no matter what the viewing direction.  If someone with the ability to compile FlightGear 0.9.10 on Windows could do this for me and email me the resulting executable (FG 0.9.10 stable only please), I'd greatly appreciate it.  There are four lines in the panel.cxx file that need to commented out in order to do this.  See the following:

// Global functions.

fgPanelVisible ()
     if(globals->get_current_panel() == 0)
    return false;
     if(globals->get_current_panel()->getVisibility() == 0)
    return false;
     if(globals->get_viewmgr()->get_current() != 0)   <-- Comment out
    return false;       <-- Comment out
     if(globals->get_current_view()->getHeadingOffset_deg() * SGD_DEGREES_TO_RADIANS != 0)  <-- Comment out
    return false;    <-- Comment out
     return true;

Thanks a ton to anyone who will help!!!

I'll reply here as soon as I get something that works.

My email:


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