On 21 Jul 2013, at 13:45, Alan Teeder <ajteeder@v-twin.org.uk> wrote:

What is the status of this on Windows 64 bit?

Up until now I have kept with 32 bit builds on Windows due to the lack of a 
64 bit version of libSvn.

The replacement code is disabled by default on next, and 2.12 will certainly not use it. My plan is to enable it (and require it) for 3.0, but I won't make that change until after 2.12 is released, since I'm aware of some intermitted issues with the code, where it gets stuck 'not doing anything'. This is happening for some people erratically, but is annoying, and obviously precludes enabling the code by default!

Gijs also reported a crash on Windows - help tracking that down would be most welcome.