On Thursday, June 30, 2011 02:31:15 PM Torsten Dreyer wrote:

> The instruments will be replaced by TFT displays and certainly all

> controls  will be functional, I'd even love to see the control surface

> move, have force- feedback and (dreaming...)

Have you considered using something like this:


These guys sell fairly compete 172 panels and the protocall/interface to these devices is documeted and available to anyone who asks. You need to specifically ask for the protocall/interface docs since the only docs on-line are about using their (Windows and MS Flight Sim) software. I got a copy of one of the protocall/instaerface docs (I think it was for the altimeter but I can't find it now) about two years ago and it should not be an issue to hook these into FlightGear even on a Linux box.

The only drawback I see for these is that they are not cheap at about $400 to $600 per instrument if prebuilt but you can also get these in kit forum and get these for less than 1/2 the prebuilt price. Compared to a TFT panel they would be more realistic in your aircraft.