Also if you remove the high resolution folder (or rename it to something different), Iflightgear will default to the low-res set you and should get a little better frame rate. I find this works pretty well on one of my test systems which is running a 32MB rage 128 pro.
Btw, is there a command line switch which will force low-res textures?

-rob oates
On 4/30/06, Anders Gidenstam <> wrote:
On Sun, 30 Apr 2006, dene maxwell wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm running 098a... can anyone remember if there was such a problem in 098a?
> and hopefully what the solution was (pleeez don't let it be upgrade to 099 or
> 09.10 hardware won't support it).


This is a bit off-topic but if your old hardware happens to have a Nvidia
card with too small texture memory then it could pay off to try the
texture compression patch for plib that has been posted here earlier. In
my case it allowed my old tired GeForce2 / 32MB card to go from
mostly unusable (often < 5 fps) to quite usable (15-30 fps) with 0.9.9 and
CVS up to a month ago (when I upgraded to a new card). The recent updates
to the texture handling is likely to have improved this further.
As always YMMW, and, in particular, if the bottleneck in your case isn't
the texture memory it might not help much.


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