Thanks for sending me the sample...
I'll try and fix them again based on the sample you sent me.
looks like I'm going to have to revert back to the 2006_03_29 set for now...and just keep the new shrub textures.

On 3/31/06, Melchior FRANZ <> wrote:
* Rob Oates -- Saturday 01 April 2006 00:07:
> I tried to correct them based on your email a few days ago....

but you apparently misunderstood. The opposite of blue is not red,
but yellow. Increasing red doesn't fix too much blue.

> at least my new shrub texture goes well with the desert areas :)

Did you make them more red, too? I think they were better before.

Anyway: just a few minutes I sent you a sample of what I think
the city colors should look like. This is a part of the message,
(slightly edited):

| It's a bit less blue than your previous textures. And much less
| red and a bit more blue than the current ones.
| The color is IMHO best judged on the parts that are looked at at
| a very shallow angle -- somewhere at greater distance. The last
| ones were good when looked at straight down, but it was the violet
| at distance that disturbed me. The current ones look too red from
| any angle.
| My textures may look a tiny bit too greenish at distance, but that
| comes from their flatness. In real life you wouldn't see the lawns
| and trees in greater distance, because they were hidden by buildings.
| This effect is missing on flat textures, so I think that's acceptable.


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