On 3/31/06, Melchior FRANZ <mfranz@aon.at> wrote:
* Melchior FRANZ -- Friday 31 March 2006 21:15:
> Arghh ... who said they should be reddish? I said "less bluish".
> Shadows should be grey, not blue/violet. But least of all should
> they be red.

Looks horrible now. Was better before. Sigh ...

I tried to correct them based on your email a few days ago....

- apart from the non-tileability, the city textures look nice. But they
 are IMHO a bit too bluish. Shadows on them look violet.
I'll revert back to the previous set, and I'll try fixing them again...
at least my new shrub texture goes well with the desert areas :) and my drylakebed [sand1,2,3] and desert [4,5] textures look pretty sweet now!