Files generated with flightgear in Linux don't give me any problems, it's just the official windows build.

On an unrelated note, the sim behaves strangely when the initial position is set above 64,000 feet.  The plane will drop as I would expect but then stops (I think right about 64,000 feet, but I haven't checked that)- is there an altitude limit to jsbsim?



You may want to double check that you are reading and writing the file in
binary mode on windows.  This doesn't make a difference on linux where the
feature was developed, but dos's carriage return/new-line translation might
be biting you?


On Wed, Jan 30, 2008 at 4:03 PM, wsacul <> wrote:

> I tried the option to write out the native_fdm to a file from the Windows
> 1.0 release of flightgear, and loaded the result into matlab.   Initially
> I thought there was a structure with a regular size of 408 bytes, and I was
> able to extract altitude correctly from the first few dozen instances, but
> that seemed to change as the simulation progressed and it all got out of
> sync.  Is there a byte or two being sent in addition to the FGNetFDM
> structure that is not sent every update?
> Thanks,
> Luke