Pete Morgan wrote:

> I do like the way qt uses it with merge requests. a lot of them to do
> with documentation corrections, as well as minor touches to code.

I was following this thread since I'm interested about opinions and thoughts about version control systems, from a software engineering perspective.

I don't know why it's really taking so long to make a decision about the tool to use (name it: git, hg, svn, etc.). I do personally prefer git and the DVCS proposed by it.

And I would choose gitorious as the repository for that. Could Nokia be so terribly wrong to trust one of its latest adquisitions, Qt source code, to that repository without having thought it very carefully?
And yes, they have set up a very good contribution scheme through the merge requests.

So at this point I cannot understand why FlightGear proyect could be sooo different from Qt, which have several full time developers making lots of changes, additions and so on, plus lots of contributions from external resources. And everything is fine resting on git and gitorious.

Regarding svn externals, that is a great thing from SVN and, even if I didn't use it so far, it seems that svn externals can be mimic in git by means of git's submodules

Just my 2 cents...