Thorsten: I had an account and created a ssh key. Now it has a red cross 

below ready in gitorious. Something wrong with that?

Now the fgdata clone should be on my pc alike the fgfs wiki or where? How to push or put a merge request??

Durk: I've only seen some lone hangars with terrasync but no probably not all as they are for 850 format. As HB-GRAL stated some airports are way off in old 810 format, so using a custom start or tower view location from my groundnetworks might put you anywhere. But I've even had a dispute with Robin, so I've to check back 850 airport locations as soon as they're in git.

Are 850 already in git? Peter, I've also to adjust scenery height. 

Suisse04 scenery won't be GPL'd mainly because it uses different licences. In fact I didn't bother all authors about such, also because I don't like the 

idea of some people making money with freeware. Daniel Gauthier for example told me that it must be free of charge! Not GPL compatible then!...

Thanks and cheers