Dear all,
                I have just notified Curt that I am closing mpserver04 permanently unless a solution can be done to prevent the demand from over riding and making my day to day normal usage completely useless.
Since mpserver 05 closed down my server has been suffering excess strain to the point that I am unable to use my broadband at all most of the time. (Without temporary pausing of the service)
Problems such as not been able to open webpages due to time outs to download failures when using YouTube or other downloads, and because of these serious problems, I am having I am terminating my server also.
Unless someone can reduce the priority via the server so that the network is not totally stalled out on other machines on my 4 pc network, and server 04 be not so demanding during other network traffic demands, then I  will be to shutting down server04 completely within a few days.
I am sorry but their is nothing else I can do here, my upstream is being saturated to the point that I am constantly finding my connection more problematic that servicable to me.
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