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Hmm, I can't offer much more help. I can confirm that CVS-HEAD definitely compiles using the up-to-date project file in cvs. The errors shown indicate that the referenced method cannot be found, and that is usually caused by:
a. the file not being in the project - action - add the file
b. the method not being in the class - action - update the file
If you have checked both those things, then I would suggest that you download clean project files from cvs, and start over.
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Hi Vivian,

The FlightGear solution file from CVS is automatically loading XMLLoader.hxx and .cxx files. I am able to compile both Flightgear and Simgear it but its failing when linking.

I have updated the folder but still get the same error messages as I did yesterday (posted earlier).

Your suggestions are highly appreciated.

BTW, I am compiling using 2005 VC++.


Vivian Meazza <> wrote:
There is no error that I can see. Compiles and runs here using yesterday's CVS HEAD. Can you confirm that you have added XMLLoader.cxx and XMLLoader.hxx to your project file?
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Hi There,

Did any one fixed the error with XMLLoader function.

Please let me know the procedure to fix that.

Appreciate your time.


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