#6 Skip _n_ Photos


When I can successfully download all of a Flickr user's photos, I am elated! However, much more often I get partway through and the process ends with one of the following error messages:

"The operation has timed out (9999)."
"Sorry, the Flickr API service is not currently available (0)."

There are a couple of other errors, including those relating to the .NET runtime choking on something.

Currently, I have to restart and hope that it works this time, and it rarely does, and I have used many internet connection points; they are all problematic. While it would be nice if FlickrDown could compensate for these errors, it might be (and probably is) the case that they are caused by factors completely outside of FlickrDown, and wouldn't solve the problem anyway.

In any event, it would be absolutely wonderful if you added the ability to skip the first _n_ photos in the download stream (as opposed to a more complicated system of trying to detect and skip already downloaded files). If I could just count the number of files downloaded, enter that number as the new starting index, I could then sit back as the next batch downloads, and pretty much repeat the process until complete. Any resulting duplicate photos are not a problem. Perhaps even add the option to automate this process until all files are downloaded.


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