FlickrBackup Project - Updated version

  • Lubos Pochman

    Lubos Pochman - 2007-09-20

    FlickrBackup Project - Updated version

    FlickrBackup Updated version, hosted at Javaforge at:
    is project based on original Sourceforge FlickrBackup at:

    I created this project, because the original author Andrew Serff (serff at,
    who deserves all the credit for the original project, is not reachable. I hate to do it that way, I would prefer to
    to share my enhancements with the original project, but I do not have any other option. I hope, that this is
    not considered project hijacking 8-), on the contrary, I am trying to find the way to share my contribution
    with the community.

    The original project web site is at

    I have made some considerable enhancements to the project, and would like to keep the new source under source control.
    I would also like to make the enhancements I made available for others.

    You can download updated version from:

    You can submit issues and/or feature requests in one of the trackers:

    You can ask question or follow the project in one of the forums:

    Following is the list of the features I already added:

    * Not In Sets photos tab
    * Recent photos tab (date based)
    * Favorites photos tab
    * Group photos tab
    * Search photos tab (from, to dates and tags)
    * Incremental backup (file or date based)
    * Download new to date based subfolder
    * Select size to download
    * Multi page photo display
    * View, browse photo, view EXIF data
    * Improved scalability (multiple display, download threads)
    * Resizing support
    * Status bar
    * Online Help
    * Log viewer

    Following is a roadmap of planned or considered features:

    * Backup directly to webdav or ftp server
    * Backup to CD/DVD
    * Automatic application update check
    * Improved error reporting
    * L10n support, all text external
    * Flickr collections support (depends on flickrj)
    * Backup title, tags, decription, comments using IPTC

    Lubos Pochman (lubosp at

    • Andrew Serff

      Andrew Serff - 2007-09-20

      What do you mean I'm not reachable? I don't remember seeing an email form you...sorry if I missed one. I would much rather you just make changes to this project instead of creating a new one...let me know if you would like that.  I can give you access to CVS if you would.  I guess I don't like you hijacking my project....


      • Lubos Pochman

        Lubos Pochman - 2007-09-21

        Andrew, just send you an email explaining the situation. Somehow I could not reach even if I tried several times. The "project hijacking" was only temporary before I manage yo reach you. I hope my email reached you and we can merge the projects and I can delete the Javaforge project.



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