Ambitious_Wench - 2006-08-06

Um.  I'm a photographer, and not a programmer/scripter/coder/whatever. 

I had a hard drive crash in May, and lost about 6 months worth of images.  *wince*.  It still hurts to think about it.  I was directed here by the Flickr Forums as a means of downloading my images back to my new hard drive (yes, yes, and from there to CDs, yes, I've learned my lesson, yes).  However, my way of organising my images is by date taken--which is part of the original filenames. 

Yes, I know that there is something in the CVS, and I can even get to the CVS tree, but once I am there, I am utterly, completely and totally lost.

Which I find frustrating because I am perfectly capable of navigating the High Sierra back country (without a compass or map, even!) in order to get the shots in the first place. 


So, would one of you good folks be willing to:

-point me to a tutorial that will allow me to navigate the CVS tree and find the thing at the HEAD which will allow me to rename my image files back to their original filenames?
-point me to a tutorial that will tell me how to impliment the thing at the HEAD which will allow me to...

Er.  *puppydog eyes* Please, please, release a new version with that function in place?

I'd do it myself if I knew how, I really would.  I just don't have the time to learn Java Scripting, I've got to get out and take pictures!

"Ignorance is curable.  Stupidity isn't"