Andrew Serff - 2005-09-08

I've just posted the first release of Flickr Backup inthe File Releases section.  The release contains a zip file that you can unzip and just run the FlickrBackup.jar file.  I'm working on making a better release that will remove the need for the multiple jar files and just be one file.

According to the release notes, this release contains:
Initial Release v1.0a1 2005-09-07:
Everything is NEW!
Current Functionality:
- Uses the Flickr Authentication API to request read access to all of your photos
- Displays all your photos in an ALL tab
- Displays all your Sets in a Sets tab
- Allows you to download selected photos/sets to a location on your hard drive
- Allows you to Zip Compress the photos you download
- Provides Download status via progress bars
- Provides Compression status via progress bars

Please leave me any feedback you can!  Any bug reports or requests for enhancements(RFEs) would be great as well!  Thanks!