any other Linux flickr downloaders available?

  • fire

    fire - 2006-09-13

    I'm hoping to download all my Flickr pics before my Flickr Pro account expires on Sept 15. If we can't do it with FB before this deadline, can anyone suggest any other Linux alternative? I'm on Ubuntu (i.e. Xubuntu). Thanks

    • Andrew Serff

      Andrew Serff - 2006-09-13

      If we can't make it (which is likely cause I'm working quite long hours this week), have you at least been backing up all your sets?  You can get some (most) of your photos down I would think...

      • fire

        fire - 2006-09-14

        only about 200 of my 3000 pic collection are in sets.

        If I put all other pics in temporary sets, will this be a good temporary solution?

      • fire

        fire - 2006-09-14

        thanks for letting me know the status.
        I'll look into getting all my flickr pics into sets. But just in case, do you know of any other linux FB like programs?


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