Loading Pictures Issue

  • graffel

    graffel - 2006-02-03

    Any chance of getting an answer to the support request I posted last month? For a while the program had been consistently loading my pictures. I'm traveling for a few months & have over a 1000 pictures.  FlickrBackup shows the correct total, but not all of the pictures show up. Any ideas?

    • Andrew Serff

      Andrew Serff - 2006-02-03

      Are you getting grey boxes for most of them?  This should have been fixed in the latest release 1.0a2.0.1 that was released on Jan 25th.  If that isn't the problem you are seeing (or the new release doesn't fix it), let me know exactally what you mean by "not all of the pictures show up."  Let me know OS and all that too.  Thanks!


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