#200 Improve Keyword Use


Implement features in WikiTalk that would support the creation of a 'tag Cloud' based on topic keywords.


  • John Davidson

    John Davidson - 2008-09-23

    Build (r-1064) Implemented 2 new types, KeywordInfo and KeywordInfoArray, that are exposed via a WikiTalk NamespaceInfo. KeywordInfoArray holds an ArrayList of KeywordInfo that can be used to create a tag cloud. This has an entry for each keyword used in the namespace and a count of the number of times it is referenced.

    A WikiTalk script will be deployed at flexwiki.com in the topic KeywordReferences, that will display the Tag Cloud for a namespace, or a list of topics in that namespace referenced by the selected keyword.

    The _NormalBorders in flexwiki.com will also be modified to display a list of reference links when a topic includes a Keywords property.

  • John Davidson

    John Davidson - 2008-09-23
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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