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FleXML 1.7 is out

We've done several enhancements and bugfixes. There is no longer a compiled-in buffersize, so flexml is now able to parse arbitrarily large XML input. We've fixed some vexing memory leaks and a nasty bug that only showed up on Sparc machines. Also new is a better control over the output file, so you can make use of flex macros like YY_INPUT and YY_DECL. We're still the fastest parser around!

Posted by Anonymous 2006-09-15

Flexml 1.4 is out

Here is a new version. The major improvement is the possibility to have more than one flexml-generated parser in your project. There won't be any symbol name colision anymore (hopefully).

Posted by Martin Quinson 2006-03-21

FleXML back to life (version 1.1 released)

After 5 years, a new version of the package was released today. It fixes quite a few longstanding issues, amongst which there is:
- Compatible with modern flex version
- Allows the generated parser to be included in C++ projects
- Parsers do not jam anymore.
Plus several other fixes.

Please test it and repport any found issue.

Posted by Martin Quinson 2005-02-10

New FleXML Home

The FleXML program, as distributed with debian, is starting a new stage of active developement. The project is now hosted by SourceForge. Hopefully, the new web page and project information will be up shortly.

Posted by Steve Hack 2001-08-30