FlDev is an IDE to develop applications with C++ and FLTK. You can also use it to edit other files but C++ and FLTK is the primary target. It offers a lot of features that are provided by the well known Dev-C++ IDE. However, it is developed with the FLTK GUI and therefore is significantly smaller. It can be used to develop applications directly on embedded systems without cross-compiling.

This IDE was developed in 2005 by Philipp Pracht. He stopped maintaining it in that year. It was then ported to FLTK 1.3.2 in 2014 by myself, Georg Potthast. So FlDev uses the UTF-8 code now.

FlDev has the following main features:

Customizable syntax highlighting

Shortcuts to execute make, compile and run

Small, executable file less than 200 kByte using shared libs

Simple project administration

Simple Makefile generation

Browser for project files

Output window displaying compilation errors

Double-click on error jumps to line in code

Customizable language support

Navigation window to jump to classes and functions in the edit window

Cross-platform IDE