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  • classMember

    classMember - 2009-09-21

    if you have any art that might need done let me know. I can try to help. If
    nothing else, I can add to what exists. Just let me know what you need and I
    would be happy to help out. To see some of the things I've made,


  • Denis Comtesse

    Denis Comtesse - 2009-09-22

    I'm really happy that you want to help with art, and it's great that you use
    Blender too, because almost everything in FLAW has been done in Blender, and
    I'd like the game to have a consistent look.

    I'm planning to improve the graphics code. That will allow us to add a lot of
    new art to the game. Here's what I'd like to do:

    1. High resloution graphics. The player should be able to choose from different resolutions. So I'd like to render everything for higher resolutions. If the player decides to use 640x480 for performance reasons, the graphics will be scaled down before the game starts. The arena definitely needs work if I want to use higher resolutions.

    2. Different "arena" graphics. I might have to drop the 256 colour mode to implement this, as it uses a fixed palette at the moment. Different arenas might also influence the gameplay. For example, playing on ice would affect the way wizards move.

    3. A decent menu background, not just black. The menu code has to be revised to allow this, but that shouldn't be too hard.

    There are many other things that can be done. I've already worked on the
    fireballs, to make them look better. And the gems could need some work.

    I might add some new special abilities to the game. If you have any ideas, you
    can always tell them. If you find that something else has to be improved, feel
    free to do so.

  • classMember

    classMember - 2009-10-30

    I'm trying to document the source code. I might ask you questions from time to
    time about how things work if I can't figure them out.

    tool: Doxygen

    time taken to complete: 30 min / day until completed or abandoned.

    work done so far:


  • Denis Comtesse

    Denis Comtesse - 2009-11-02

    I really like the changed logo, good work.

    The source code documentation is a nice idea, but it won't be easy. This is my
    very first project written in C++, so the code is quite confusing and
    inconsistent. But if you have any questions, I'll answer them of course.

    About the game art:

    The next version will work with different resolutions (from 320x240 up to
    1280x1024), so the graphics will be larger. You can check out the
    "hires" branch in SVN to see how it will work. Most of the graphics
    have been updated, but there is a lot of room for improvements. Some of the
    old images (e.g. the arena) look quite dull at higher resolutions.

  • Denis Comtesse

    Denis Comtesse - 2009-12-08

    I finally merged the "hires" branch into trunk. The game can now be played at
    resolutions up to 1280x960, and it deals with widescreen resolutions like
    1280x800 (slightly smaller screen with borders to the left and right).

    8 bit mode has been dropped. On very old computers the game can be played at
    low resolutions (320x240) instead.

    I also updated some of the graphics, but there are still some things left to

    • a bigger for the title screen (roughly 1280x224)
    • a new intruction page. Maybe 2 pages with a bigger font, so that it is still readable when scaled down to 320x240.
    • in addition to the logo, we can also create a complete menu background. This will require some changes in the menu code, but nothing big.

    If you want to have a try on any of of those graphics, feel free to do so.

    After this is done, we could release FLAW 1.2 and start working on the more
    difficult features that require rewriting parts of the code.

  • Denis Comtesse

    Denis Comtesse - 2009-12-10

    I added a nice texture as menu background. Now we just have to put a new FLAW
    logo on top of it and design new instruction pages.

  • Denis Comtesse

    Denis Comtesse - 2009-12-11

    Last addition for now: I took your logo variation and vectorized it, to get a
    bigger version. Of course it's somewhat blurry now, but it looks nice with the
    background texture:


  • classMember

    classMember - 2009-12-12

    wow. That's really nice. I read your earlier comments, I just haven't had a
    chance to respond to them. I've been spending long hours at work. I have a
    chance to work on the project tonight though. I'm going to try and throw some
    of's functionality into game.hh/

  • Denis Comtesse

    Denis Comtesse - 2009-12-12

    Okay, that's great. I have included all the changes I wanted for now, so there
    won't be any conflicts if you commit changes to SVN. You can mess around with
    the code as you like. ;-) Just take your time, we don't need to rush anything.

  • classMember

    classMember - 2009-12-20


    I'm getting ideas for how the menu will look later. I'm thinking it would have
    the button to jump into the game preselected on startup with the player
    options on the same screen for quick editing. I'm trying to draft what this
    will look like. Anyway... I should be focusing more on the game since that's
    the heart of the project.


    I made a skull in blender that I could try to add to the game. I'm thinking it
    could spawn from anywhere with a few seconds of warning with a shadow cast by
    it falling. It's an idea.


    I would have more fun playing if the wizards had powers they could use... I
    could implement a mana-system with mana-potion drops... It's something that
    would need tweeking so the players don't become impervious to attack, and they
    feel that their powers are useful strategic tools as well.


    power ups from gems should have some means of telling the user how long it's
    going to last by blinking when it's going to go out in a second, having a
    counter follow the user around, or both.


    when implementing maps, we'll have to change the "wizards don't fall into
    walls" fix.

    Other News

    I played FLAW last night with a friend and he had fun. He thought it was an
    interesting game.

  • Denis Comtesse

    Denis Comtesse - 2009-12-20

    Mana System: I'm undecided about this. The point of the game is that the players act indirectly. With the exception of the "fire wizard" gem, they can't kill each other directly. So they try to give each other a hard time while trying to evade the fireballs. So I'm not sure if a mana system will work, but of course we can try it out. We'd have to be careful not to make the wizards too powerful.

    About the skull: Could be a nice addition. What effect do you want the skull to have, or what would happen after the skull has spawned?

    About the gems: Something like this is already implemented. The extras actually flicker before losing their power.

    You are right about the "don't fall into walls" fix. It is quite ugly anyway,
    so it may need a rewrite sooner or later.


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