Developement stopped?!?

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  • moongose

    moongose - 2009-06-25

    Just a question to the author, is the developement of FF stopped or just delayed?

  • Stevie

    Stevie - 2009-12-22

    I would like to know that too. I really can't live without FF.
    Would donations bring back the interest in development?

  • Glyph

    Glyph - 2010-01-04

    I just migrated to Win7 x64 and FlashFolder doesn't work in this environment :-(

    If the original author can't afford the time anymore (those things happen) others with programming skills could take over or branch this excellent tool, but why is the files listing lacking the source files? I thought this is *Source*Forge here?

  • Tim De Baets

    Tim De Baets - 2010-01-04

    uninfected, the source code can be accessed through SVN. Click "Code" at the top for instructions, or "SVN Browse" to view the source with your webbrowser.

  • Glyph

    Glyph - 2010-01-04

    Doh, I knew I overlooked something :-) Thanks!
    Now if I only had the mentioned programming skills…

  • zett42

    zett42 - 2010-01-05

    Hi, it's actually not so much a question of time but motivation. Especially when already coding 8+ hours a day for a living. Sometimes that's the price to pay if you make a passion to a profession.

    Anyway, Vista / Win7 x64 code is basically working, though probably not very robust. Also, most file save dialogs are not detected by FF yet.
    Last not least, the service can be made more secure under these OS, which I find very important for a public version of FF.

  • Stevie

    Stevie - 2010-01-05

    Hey zett42,

    wohooo, a sign of life, so happy :)
    Your app is one of the few (besides total commander and winrar) that
    are installed immediately after a windows install.
    As I already suggested… would a donation raise your motivation.
    And where can we donate? The main site of Flash Folder went offline.



  • Alex Osegueda

    Alex Osegueda - 2010-01-27

    Yeah! Flashfolder is one of my favorite tools. It's nice to see the author is still active. I second stevie1, I would like to donate to the cause. I want to see my favorite app working in Windows 7.
    I noticed that the page went down. I still check it every day, in hope of news with Webmon.

  • Stevie

    Stevie - 2010-01-27

    Yes, absolutely, zett42, give us a sign! :)

  • Anonymous - 2010-02-01

    Very glad to see you posting again Zett42.

    I love FlashFolder, and it is a big hit over at too. Would be very willing to make a donation to keep you interested in developing and fixing this wonderful tool.

  • Anonymous - 2010-02-19

    I'm agree with all of the other members… It will be a pleasure to make a donation for the dev, who make such a good job !

    And I'm waiting for the update for windows 7 with so much impatience ! Please make it… :-P And give us a way to make a donation…

    Anyways, thanks for all of your work, and good luck to make your passion your profession… ;o)

  • Thomas Richter

    Thomas Richter - 2010-05-26

    I'm very glad that the development of my favourite Tool isn't stopped ;-)
    I've tried several other tools but they are far away from what FlashFolder does.

    @zett42 Please tell me, where to donate!!

  • Glyph

    Glyph - 2010-10-23

    Any news? Still miss my favorite tool win Win7 x64.

  • Anonymous - 2011-01-14

    +1 begging for Win7 x64 support; this little program has saved me so much time and aggravation in XP that I sincerely cannot fathom working without it anymore, and so have put off moving to Win7 until a Flashfolder update or a worthy successor appears. Why Microsoft still has not implemented anything like this natively boggles my mind-I find most of the GUI "improvements" of Win7 to be really superficial and redundant of functionality that existed in XP, just glammed up and moved around to look "new" and "innovative." Meanwhile, the Open/Save dialogue, probably the most heavily used of all windows (at least in my case), has gone pretty much neglected since Win95. What good are performance enhancements and flashy gui effects when my ability to get actual work accomplished is limited by my ability (or rather inability) to click quickly through complex directory trees? Especially when different apps keeping changing the starting location and adding other frustrations to the mix. So here's hoping there's still some life in the development of this little program from functionality heaven. And even if not, I'd like to at least say thanks to the original author for providing the most useful tool I've ever had the pleasure of utilizing on a computer.

  • abracamaster

    abracamaster - 2011-01-24

    I completely agree with previous posts… this app is amazing! Sadly developer haven't got the balls to do the Win7 version…. or maybe skills?
    I think another dev will have to done this project…

  • Mike Krowiak

    Mike Krowiak - 2011-01-24

    And your idea is to trick zett into working on flashfolder with reverse psychology and telling him he doesn't have the courage or intelligence?

    Yeah, that should work… <grin>

  • zett42

    zett42 - 2011-01-24

    I think I have to finally finish this Win7 stuff so I can step on with other projects without having sth. in my back that bothers me ;-).
    Win7 / x64 code is technically already done and working quite good on my and a friends machine. I'm currently working on some minor quality issues and final touches. I plan to finish all this before spring (it's very little time, considering the time you already had to wait ;-p ).

    So your psychic powers are propably working ;-p

  • Mike Krowiak

    Mike Krowiak - 2011-01-24

    Ok, maybe reverse psychology does work… <grin> Either way, I'm glad we'll see a Win 7 version!

  • Glyph

    Glyph - 2011-01-24

    Yahooooo! It's alive! Go Go Go! :-)

  • Thomas Richter

    Thomas Richter - 2011-01-25

    That's the best news I've heard this year :-)

  • stropan

    stropan - 2011-01-25

    Yes, that's really great news!

    I'm addicted to FlashFolder! :-)

  • Anonymous - 2011-01-26

    Yeaaahhh! I've been waiting for a Win7 version for a while. It's great to see that the developer is still active. Thanks and we r looking forward to that update.

  • Anonymous - 2011-01-27

    excellent news!

  • Stevie

    Stevie - 2011-01-28

    I'm speechless, I pretty much gave up on this program. Sooo looking forward to it!
    In the meantime I bought DirectFolder. I'm so disappointed. Windows 7 x64 support is a mess and
    the developer does not respond to mails at all…

  • abracamaster

    abracamaster - 2011-02-09

    Don't count your chickens before they're hatched…

    Zett still doesn't show us his win7 stuff, so don't say "he is active"… because all what we know right now is that he is just saying "he is working on it"… haha
    If the code is done and it's working quite good so show it

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