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New Flamerobin binary snapshot for Linux x86-64 only

Tested on Debian sid and Ubuntu 14.04 (I’m interested if it starts on
other linuxes : Fedora , Gentoo , Arch , Slackware)


ps: libfbclient.so.2 is required

Posted by Popa Adrian Marius 2014-07-23

New Flamerobin snapshots flamerobin- ready for testing

New Flamerobin snapshots flamerobin- for Windows are available .

You can check Git log for code changes

Enjoy, and please be sure to report any bugs, regressions or suggestions on flamerobin-devel list or in the new bug tracker
http://sourceforge.net/p/flamerobin/bugs/... read more

Posted by Popa Adrian Marius 2012-11-01

FlameRobin project page upgraded to new SourceForge software : Git url changed , new features

The project page has been upgraded to the new SF.net software. The bad
part is that the URL of the git repository has changed again, hopefully
for the last time.

The good part is that the new software has some new features, most
prominently IMO voting on bugs and feature requests (which I have
already enabled).

Michael Hieke

Posted by Popa Adrian Marius 2012-10-20

Flamerobin switch from SVN to Git is complete

Git repository is up and can be accessed as documented on SourceForge git page


Commands "git branch -l" and "git tag -l" show what they should, so it
probably went pretty good, but please check things out (git log , gitk ..)

We are sure things are in order and the Subversion repository
is now disabled

I have updated the Buiding guide from git


Posted by Popa Adrian Marius 2012-10-19

New FlameRobin snapshots* builds

Flamerobin 0.9.3 revision 2246 binary snapshots for Windows are available .

The new snapshot is with two changes:

1.Yet another attempt to properly treat nullability of procedure parameters (there are differences between Firebird versions, for nullable parameters rdb$null_flag need not be null, it may be 0)

see SF.net tracker item #3565746 ... read more

Posted by Popa Adrian Marius 2012-10-18

FlameRobin user interface: SDI or tab-based?

Michael started again to work on the FlameRobin redesign, with multithreaded database access. Since FR 0.9.0 is using the wxAUI library for tabbed property pages He decided to use wxAUI for all of FR
A new poll is up so we get an idea whether the current FlameRobin UI is liked (or not so much) among the FR user base.

Posted by Popa Adrian Marius 2008-12-10

FlameRobin 0.9.1 snapshot for Windows, Linux,Macosx

Michael committed a few things during the last days, fixed bugs and
implemented one or two feature requests.

Among them are

  • support for database login with empty password
  • support for trusted user authentication for Firebird 2.1+
  • better support for non-ascii metadata in UTF8 databases
  • support for read-only transactions and different transaction isolation levels in the sql editor form
  • milliseconds precision in the sql editor log
  • user preferences for home key behaviour and auto-indent in the sql editor
    and I’d be glad if people found the time to check things out and post
    bug reports for stuff that isn’t working. ... read more
Posted by Popa Adrian Marius 2008-12-10

FlameRobin: .9 released

FlameRobin is a lightweight and cross-platform administration and management GUI for the Firebird DBMS.

A new release is out. It brings new features like Firebird 2.1 support, tabbed browsing, etc. Windows, Linux and Mac OS X binaries and source code package are available for download. Here are the details.http://www.flamerobin.org/

Posted by Popa Adrian Marius 2008-11-07

FlameRobin 0.8.6 released

This is mostly a bug-fix release, probably a first 'stable' 0.8 version without major bugs
Source and binary packages for Windows and Linux are available for download. You can also get FlameRobin for MacOSX . Also you can read the full release notes.
For ubuntu read this page http://flamerobin.blogspot.com/2008/03/flamerobin-086-package-for-ubuntu.html, in Debian is included in testing/unstable version

Posted by Popa Adrian Marius 2008-03-28

FlameRobin 0.8.3 released

Source and binary packages for Windows and Linux are available for download. You can also get FlameRobin for MacOSX . Aso you can read the full release notes.

Posted by Popa Adrian Marius 2008-02-25

FlameRobin 0.8.1 released

Source and binary packages for Windows and Linux are available for download. You can also get FlameRobin for MacOSX, Debian, Ubuntu, Mandriva, Gentoo and FreeBSD. Aso you can read the full release notes.


Posted by Popa Adrian Marius 2007-10-22

FlameRobin 0.8.0 released

Source and binary packages for Windows and Linux are available for download. You can also get FlameRobin for MacOSX, Debian, Ubuntu, Mandriva, Gentoo and FreeBSD. Aso you can read the full release notes.


Posted by Popa Adrian Marius 2007-10-12

FlameRobin 0.7.5 released

Source and binary packages for Windows and Linux (gtk1 and gtk2 variants) are available for download. MacOSX and Debian/Ubuntu ones should follow soon (and probably FreeBSD one too). We are also looking for someone to try if things work on Solaris too.


Posted by Popa Adrian Marius 2006-10-25

Flamerobin Version 0.6.0 is released

For known issues please see our bug tracker at:

Changes in FlameRobin 0.6.0 ALPHA

New features

  • DDL extraction for all object types
  • Rebuild View option (drop and recreate dependent objects)
  • Option to drop database

Enhancements and Bug fixes

  • TCP port setting is not longer ignored when creating, backing up and restoring databases
  • New dialog for index creation.
  • Field properties dialog can now be closed when no changes are made.
  • Main tree control now behaves natively on all platforms.
  • Progress dialog when connecting has ability to cancel
  • Windows: FlameRobin doesn't destroy Clipboard contents when exiting
  • Gtk2: Reduced font size for property pages.
  • Gtk2: allow user to enter filename in dialogs.
  • Other minor UI improvements.
  • Faster disconnecting.
  • Faster startup of SQL editor, statement history stored in separate files.
  • Warn when copying data from the grid and not all rows have been fetched.
  • If error happens while executing selection, the executed statement is selected in SQL editor.
  • Fixed problem with context menu and large selection in SQL Editor.
  • Fixed hiding of SQL editor behind other windows.
  • Data grid is now scrolled by rows
  • Triggers can be added/dropped from table's "Triggers" page.
  • Take character set and collation into account when adding new columns.
  • Configurable columns (default value, description) on table's property page.
  • All UPDATE statements were treated as DDL. Fixed.
  • Fixed bugs in statement parser.
  • Preserve character sets when altering procedures.
  • Added missing whitespace between AS and procedure source.
  • Privileges are restored after ALTER VIEW.
  • Property pages are now updated after ALTER INDEX and SET STATISTICS
  • Custom charsets are now really used when connecting to database.
  • Logging can now log SET TERM statements if desired.
  • Logging now detects if target directory doesn't exist.
  • Updated documentation about building FlameRobin.
Posted by Anonymous 2006-03-19

FlameRobin 0.5.0 released

Finally, before the end of the year, we managed to pull another release. Check it out, as we have some improvements in it.Once you run it, make sure you go through the Preferences dialog and set some of the new options to your liking

New features

  • Event monitor: a dialog to register for and monitor posted events
  • Support for quoted identifiers (case sensitive, etc.)
  • Quick metadata search from the main screen
  • Ability to retrive server version
    Enhancements and Bug fixes... read more
Posted by Popa Adrian Marius 2006-01-03

FlameRobin 0.4.0 released

After a long time, we finally made an official release again. 0.4.0 release brings some new features, a lot of bug fixes, and FreeBSD port.

Known issues:
- Backup and restore use display name instead of hostname. Be sure to use the same if you backup/restore from FR
- On Linux and FreeBSD FlameRobin stores it's files in system wide directories. This means that you cannot simply unpack and run it anymore, you need to install it. To simplify the process, we provide a Makefile in our binary packages. So, went you unpack the binary package, just run "make install" as root. Alternatively, you can install from .deb or .rpm package which don't require those steps.... read more

Posted by Popa Adrian Marius 2005-09-16

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