FlameRobin 0.5.0 released

Finally, before the end of the year, we managed to pull another release. Check it out, as we have some improvements in it.Once you run it, make sure you go through the Preferences dialog and set some of the new options to your liking

New features

  • Event monitor: a dialog to register for and monitor posted events
  • Support for quoted identifiers (case sensitive, etc.)
  • Quick metadata search from the main screen
  • Ability to retrive server version
    Enhancements and Bug fixes

  • Parsing of executed statements rewritten to work properly

  • "Alter" menu item for procedures, triggers and views
  • Allow user to enter backup filename with GTK2
  • Fixed message dialogs which didn't have any buttons on GTK1
  • Improved dependency detection (objects referenced in CHECK constraints)
  • Support for 64-bit platforms
  • SQL editor is no longer created beneath other windows
  • Option to change tab size in SQL editor
  • Option to show long line marker in SQL editor
  • Many minor fixes and improvements for SQL editor
  • Fixed problem with visible caret when SQL editor doesn't have focus
  • Improved running of large SQL scripts
  • Fixed problem with auto-completion on GTK2
  • Option to limit size of single item in statement history
  • Fixed drag and drop query building with multiple foreign keys
  • Fixed disconnect problems on some Linux distributions
  • Registered server and databases are saved instantly (for multiple instances of FlameRobin)
  • Display name was used instead of hostname for backup and restore
  • Fixed backup and restore problems on PPC
  • Backup and restore dialogs show file selector with path of current file name
  • Backup and restore settings are remembered on database basis
  • FlameRobin is buildable with Borland's compiler again
  • Improved overall speed in some areas
  • Fixed reported character field lengths for multibyte character sets
  • Fixed problems with datatypes when there aren't any user-defined domains in database
  • Links included in saved .html Property pages
  • Changed the way strings are translated in Unicode versions
  • Cancel button isn't ignored anymore when adding unique constraints
  • Cancel button isn't ignored anymore when reordering fields
  • Improved Field editor
  • Allow usage of various formats for multiple log files
Posted by Popa Adrian Marius 2006-01-03

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