Non-textual facet descriptions

  • Wolfgang Müller


    First: thank you very much for designing and for opensourcing Flamenco. It installs like a charm at my place.

    Together with student I am trying to modify Flamenco to make non-textual facets possible and research the usefulness of that. To this end, we thought we'd simply replace the texts by links on images (for example). This works in the midgame pages, however, the starting pages transforms our <img> tags to &gt;img;&lt;. So, the <img> tags (that make it into the MySQL db unharmed) are escaped on some display pages, but not on some others.

    Your code is nicely customizable and generalized, but as a downside it is hard to see without complete analysis where we can change the display of the starting page.

    If there is some Fine Manual or some classes that you could point us to, or some Python debugging tricks that you could suggest in order to research this by ourselves, we would be very thankful.

    (Hmm. I guess we could start the Flamenco server by hand in a shell and then use the Python debugger, right?)

    Wolfgang Müller

    • Marti Hearst

      Marti Hearst - 2007-05-10

      Making image-based facet labels is an interesting idea!
      Hopefully someone who tracks this list will post a solution.


    • Wolfgang Müller

      Hi Marti,

      Thank you. This also answers the question if you are aware of anyone doing that.

      Actually, we would be very happy if we could do a tiny little discussion about the code with someone who has some cycles to spare and some insight in the code.

      We do not need a complete solution, so I think it would not cost too much time to help us.

      Thanks again,


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