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GPU Flame Fractal Renderer / News: Recent posts

Flam4 Version 0.74 released!

Version 0.74 of flam4 has been released, which contains performance optimizations making it nearly twice as fast as previous versions! This has allowed me to pass the 1 billion iterations per second mark!

Posted by Keldor 2009-08-15

Flam4 Version 0.70 has been Released!

Since version 0.66, two asked for features have been added:

Transparent PNGs
Animations rendered as PNG sequences

Posted by Keldor 2009-07-04

Version 0.66 is released!

Version 0.66 incorporates some tweaks that greatly improve multi-GPU performance, and likely single-GPU a bit as well.

IMPORTANT: *.FLAM4 DOES NOT WORK AT THIS TIME, USE *.FLAME INSTEAD. *.flam4 is the new flame format which is well underway for a future release.

Posted by Keldor 2009-05-11

Version 0.64 released!

You can now render interpolations between two flames!

Posted by Keldor 2009-04-08

Version 0.60 Released!

Flam4 now supports multiple GPU rendering! See release notes for details.

Posted by Keldor 2009-03-24

Version 0.55 is released!

This release resolves a number of issues that were present with regards to antialiasing, as well as variations using rand. See the release notes for details.

Posted by Keldor 2009-02-24

Version 0.53 is released!

Flam4 development continues moving forward. A number of bugs have been squashed in the last few releases. See the change log for details.

Posted by Keldor 2009-02-17

Flam4 goes BETA!

With version 0.50, flam4 is now roughly feature complete. With that, we now usher in the first BETA version of flam4!

Posted by Keldor 2009-01-27

Flam4 Version 0.45 is released!

Flam4, a CUDA based GPU flame fractal renderer, supports 95% of the functionallity of flam3-render. It can render high resolution electric sheep loops, and now can also export PNG files at up to 4096x4096.

Posted by Keldor 2009-01-16

Version 0.40 Released

All of the 48 variations in the flame paper should be working.

Posted by Keldor 2009-01-06

Version 0.38 is Released!

Version 0.38 introduces support for the symmetry kind parameter, as well as a couple of bugfixes.

Posted by Keldor 2009-01-01

Version 0.36 Released

This version mostly adds a handful of GUI niceties, such as the name of the currently open file displayed in the title bar.

Posted by Keldor 2008-12-24

Version 0.35 Released!

We're getting close to the first true beta release! Flam4 is only missing a handful of key features now.

As of version 0.35, the standard palettes from flam3 have been added. Also, Variations 0-48 have been validated, with all except for 12 and 33 passing. Variations 49-53 still need to be tested, but I'll need sample flames and reference renders to do that.

Posted by Keldor 2008-12-19

Version 0.33 Released!

Now with motion blur!

Posted by Keldor 2008-12-16

Version 0.30 Released!

Flam4 can now export rendered loops to mpeg4! At last!

Posted by Keldor 2008-12-10

Version 0.21

Flam4 is now significantly faster! Up to 30% so than previous releases. It has passed the 500 million iterations per second mark.

Posted by Keldor 2008-12-01

Version 0.18

Flam4 should now be able to open more flame files without problems. We're getting quite close to the first beta...

Posted by Keldor 2008-11-13

Version 0.14

Flam4 now supports antialiasing, as well as being fully gamma correct. A number of xforms have been corrected as well.

Posted by Keldor 2008-11-08

Version 0.09

The process of validating each and every xform has begun.

Posted by Keldor 2008-10-27

Version 0.08 released!

Now with density estimation!

Posted by Keldor 2008-10-24

Flam4CUDA v0.06 released!

The first release of Flam4 running with CUDA has been released!

Posted by Keldor 2008-10-12