Apophysis 3D hack support

  • Vesa Laasanen

    Vesa Laasanen - 2009-06-04

    What a great software!
    Are you planning to support Apophysis 3D hack features in rendering?
    What about PNG-sequence output for videos? I think most users would appreciate it.

    • Keldor

      Keldor - 2009-06-09

      Once I get custom variations up, adding support for 3D hack should be fairly easy - the big key is figuring out how to compile the kernal at runtime, which is not trivial.

      If you want to help me with that, A list of 3d hack's variations + code would go a long way ;-)

      For PNG sequence, how would you like that to work?  Have it save as a directory, where all the pngs are placed and named 0.png 1.png ...?

    • Vesa Laasanen

      Vesa Laasanen - 2009-06-14

      For PNG sequence, exactly like that, except possibly 0001.png 0002.png ...
      This would be really really great, because PNG sequence is probably the most preferred way for rendered  results. One great thing about PNG sequences is also, that it makes multi computer rendering farms possible if you want to expand to that direction.


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