Command line

D Griffin
  • D Griffin

    D Griffin - 2009-05-12

    ..this is just a suggestion but it would be nice to have a command line vir of this... for doing batch renders, possibly connecting it to flame creation/modification programs like apophysis, and such... just a thought..

    • Alberto

      Alberto - 2009-05-12

      I suscribe too to this feature request, and I'd like to suggest also the possibiity to have a gui-less dll to be called from inside apo or other flame designers.

    • Keldor

      Keldor - 2009-05-12

      There actually is already a gui-less dll that could be called from another app.  The main problem with it is that it expects the internal flame format for its parameters.  I'm working on a second dll which will have full access to the animaiton engine and the XML flame parameter loader.

    • Alberto

      Alberto - 2009-05-12

      Thank you keldor for your effort and contribute to the flame makers community.

    • D Griffin

      D Griffin - 2009-05-13

      oh sweet!!! good to know... yeah thanks for all your effort ..defiantly! i wouldn't spend much time doing fractal stuff if it still took me like 2hrs to render a decent quality flame..


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