Need help getting Flam4 to work on Win7 64bit

  • Judson

    Judson - 2010-10-12


    I just got a new laptop and I've been trying to get Flam4 to run it but no luck yet. I have an Intel quad core cpu, 8gb ram, and a nvidia GeForce GT 230M with 1 gb ram running Windows 7 64 bit. Already tried Cuda toolkits 3.0 and 3.1, 32 and 64 bit versions with the latest drivers for nvidia. Tried flam .75, .83, and .87.

    Does anyone know how to get flam4 to work for Win7 64bit? Any help is very much appreciated.

    Good day,

  • Judson

    Judson - 2010-10-13

    If it helps, my nvidia driver version is 258.96.


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