flam4ocl commandline

  • hegberthuby

    hegberthuby - 2011-05-09

    hi guys, first i have to say, great job you have done here & i hope the project is still going on.

    how do i render more then 1 image? i couldn find any instructions how to use this program, finaly i found this in an other forum:

    flam4ocl -convert myflame.flame myflame.flam4 -render myflame.flam4 -output test.png -resolution 3072 1920 -quality 500

    and it works fine after some tryings.

  • Keldor

    Keldor - 2011-06-27

    You can render multiple files like this:

    flam4ocl -convert a.flame a.flam4 -convert b.flame b.flam4 -render a.flam4 b.flam4 -output a.png b.png ….


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