Where to start

  • Richard Fawcett

    Richard Fawcett - 2009-02-26

    so, i was browsing the internet looking for cool stuff.. ran across this project on the nvidia CUDA page and thought i'd take a look at it, got it all downloaded and nstalled.. but i got no idea where to start with it.. is there a 'how to get started' guide in the works?

    • Keldor

      Keldor - 2009-03-04

      Easiest way to get started is to grab some parameter files from http://electricsheep.org/ and render those.

      Go to Server->Archive, and pick out one you like, then click on the genome link and then on file to get a plaintext version of just the parameters.  Copy/paste these into notepad and save as blahblahblah.flame.  You should now be able to open the file in flam4 and render.

      It's worth noting that there are still a small handful of flames that won't render properly (less than 1% I think), so if you just get a black frame, try a different one.


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