Mirror collection suggestion

  • Eduardo

    Eduardo - 2012-02-04

    First, thank you for this nifty little app! It's so simple yet so useful!
    I have a suggestion though. The scenario is this: I have a huge collection that is mostly in FLAC but I also have some mp3 and m4a (iTunes) albums, right now I point FlacSquisher to the parent directory where all my songs are, it skips and logs errors for all non-flac songs. It would be great if when it comes by an mp3/m4a it skips trying to convert it (therefore no errors are logged) and copies it to the destination directory preserving the directory hierarchy. What do you think about it?
    Thanks again for the app!

  • Eduardo

    Eduardo - 2012-02-04

    Just as a report, I just noticed that FlacSquisher actually preserves the directory hierarchy but those folders from mp3/m4a albums are empty or contain empty (0kb size) mp3 files.

  • UNHchabo

    UNHchabo - 2012-03-18

    In the Options window, FlacSquisher contains a couple of options for "File extensions to ignore", and "File extensions to copy". It sounds like you want to add "mp3" and "mp4" to the "File extensions to copy" box.

    If you have a suggestion to improve this feature, please let me know.


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