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#131 Technical: FLAC encoding from compact disc irregularties


I have a FLAC release that was an official digital download on a band's website and a perfect FLAC rip that I performed myself with EAC from my personal CD with a 100% FLAC log.

Rip performed by me:
Rip performed by band:

Can anyone confirm if FLAC rips from the same compact disc will always result in the same perfect digital copy if ripped from different optical drives? This is assuming the band copied the digital download from a compact disc (same mixes) from a balanced optical drive.

Would an unbalanced optical drive cause subtle differences in FLAC encoding, as shown here? Would different versions of the FLAC encoder cause this, or any other variables in the FLAC encoding settings (are there any other than compression - which surely shouldn't affect this or FLAC would be flawed). I did notice the dB levels shown in Audacity look different.


  • lynxtwo

    lynxtwo - 2014-05-17

    What you are asking is if different drives produce different rips. The protocol/program AccurateRip can ensure the rip from each CD is bit-accurate.

  • Erik

    Erik - 2015-10-04
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