#401 Mutex in APIs of Stream Decoder


Why do APIs in stream_decoder.c not have any mutex protection?

I use APIs to decode FLAC stream in two different tasks, one is a continuous routine to push raw data into the process API, the other is external I/O routine to invoke init or delete APIs when I switch to another stream. The program always crashes in the libFLAC in switch operation and later on I realize there's no mutex in the APIs of the libFLAC when I download the source with version 1.3.0. Therefore I have to make some effort to write my own mutex for this issue.

In my option a stable & strong library should have fundamental synchronization protection mechanism in APIs especially in some external I/O routine application. Would you please to realize it?


  • Erik

    Erik - 2014-03-21
    • status: open --> open-works-for-me
  • Erik

    Erik - 2014-03-21

    From: https://xiph.org/flac/api/

    libFLAC usually only requires the standard C library and C math library. In particular, threading is not used so there is no dependency on a thread library. However, libFLAC does not use global variables and should be thread-safe.

    If you still think libFLAC is not thread safe you should either show where libFLAC uses mutable global data or provide a small demo program showing the need for synchronisation.

    Will close this in a month's time if there is no response.

  • Erik

    Erik - 2014-03-21
    • assigned_to: Josh Coalson --> Erik
  • Erik

    Erik - 2014-11-27


  • Erik

    Erik - 2014-11-27
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