#354 Rejects ISRC from Original CDs


I'm using EAC to rip original CDs to a single FLAC file and I have the command line options set to import the cuesheet into the CUESHEET block during the process. My problem is that FLAC has rejected a third of CDs due to invalid ISRC values in the cuesheet.

It is correct that the ISRC values extracted from these CDs do not match the documented standard for ISRC numbering, but if that's what the original CD uses then I think it would be best to preserve it.

These are the characters my CDs IRSC values contain which I suspect is causing FLAC to reject them, ";@[=".

Is there any chance that a option could be introduced to bypass validation of IRSC data (or at least make it more flexible) for the sake of preserving the original information?


  • Charles Worm

    Charles Worm - 2009-07-21

    I've found more CDs that fail on character ? and < and any lowercase alphabetical characters.

  • Charles Worm

    Charles Worm - 2009-07-24

    I'm told the invalid characters are because EAC has failed to extract them off the CD correctly, and that the values on the CDs are most likely valid.

  • Charles Worm

    Charles Worm - 2009-07-24
    • status: open --> closed-invalid

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