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FARSER version 0.1 RC1 is out!

Here comes something new~ yet exciting.

FARSER (FLABER XHTML parser) is a small PHP script that can convert your page cretaed inside FLABER to W3C valid XHTML web pages!!! Try it now!!

Posted by Vicker 2006-07-27

FLABER version 1.1 RC1 is out!

It's been a while since last release, here comes version 1.1 with a better control and security set.

Do contribute in FLABER's official forum and knowledge WIKI~~!! Your contribution will benefit many people around the world!!

Thanks for the support!!

Posted by Vicker 2006-07-17

News about RC4

In my original planning, the coming release should be version 1.5 / 2.0 with a totally new user interface. However plugin seems to be more urgent than interface, this makes me thinking about 1.0 RC4 first.

Actually plugin controller should not be difficult, however the original class structure is really a mess... that is why I used nearly a month to fix up all the previous 30+ classes... Now the most difficult classes are over already. So I guess the RC4 will be there soon. (BUT without the plugin controller yet~~!! Still need more testing before release)... read more

Posted by Vicker 2006-06-06

FLABER's Official Development Forum is up

Since FLABER have a steady increase in publicity and threads in SourceForge. In order to have a more speedy and comfortable environment for both the developers (me and my partners) and the users (like you), this forum is hosted. (http://flaber.flysforum.net/forum)

Although the place have changed, please continue your support in FLABER! Your support will be our strength to continue our development.

Posted by Vicker 2006-05-23

Urgent fix on FLABER version 1.0 RC3

To anyone who download FLABER version 1.0 RC3 on or before May 7th 2:20a.m. (Hong Kong Time GMT +8).

Please redownload the RC3 package from SourceForge or download only the fix package from http://www.flysforum.net/vicker/flaber_1_0_RC3_fix.zip

The issue is that I have carelessly packed some non up-to-date files in the "function" folder causing the problem in image uploading, file creating and file saving.... read more

Posted by Vicker 2006-05-06

FLABER version 1.0 RC3 is out!

To celebrate the 1000 downloads of FLABER in SourceForge. I proudly presents the final version of FLABER 1.0 with improved interface and functionality.

And dont forget to post your great works done by FLABER in the showcase forum in here!

Thanks for the support!!

Posted by Vicker 2006-05-03

News about 1.0 Final

I have just finished all my busy university report, and ready to restart the FLABER development process.

I have confirmed the next version will be the final for FLABER 1.0. The main difference is mainly bug fixing and the adding of the depth control and image upload.

After this will be FLABER 1.1 which will have a totally changed user interface with better control. Furthermore the HTML exporter should be ready in version 1.1.... read more

Posted by Vicker 2006-04-16

News about RC3

I know many people are looking for the depth control function... I am so sorry to say that at this moment I am hurrying on FLABER's report to my university supervisor. So RC3 wont be able to come at this moment.

But I can promise that RC3 will be out around April 23. So stay tunned.

Posted by Vicker 2006-04-10

News about RC2

I am glad to announce that FLABER version 1.0 RC2 will be out before this Wednesday (Mar 29) after all the testing procedures.

More user-friendly GUI and more powerful function including page transition effect will be included. So~ stay tunned!

Posted by Vicker 2006-03-27

Flaber version 1.0 RC1 is out!

Please have a look and download a copy from the Files section.

Posted by Vicker 2006-03-15

News about RC1

I am glad to announce that RC1 will be distributed through here in the coming week. So stay tuned~

Posted by Vicker 2006-03-03

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