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Linux Mint 8 / Fujitsu U810 not working

  • PrismaticKen

    PrismaticKen - 2010-04-27

    I got the 2.1.2 driver package, followed the instructions, I *think* the drivers successfully built, the make command seemed to work, and I think the sudo make install command seemed to work, but after a restart, the device and it's daemons don't seem to be working or present.  What could be wrong here?  what kind of diagnostic information does anyone need to help me out with this?  Thanks

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    sorry for the delay, I'm a bit busy.

    Please try to load the kernel module manually (modprobe fsc_btns) and check the kernel log. May be the old depmod issue, so try 'depmod -a' before the modprobe command. If the module loads correctly, try to start 'fscd' and 'fscrotd' from a xterm  (rebuild with -enable-debug if needed). Please post the error messages. Thanks.


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