dvo - 2013-08-12

I was trying to use this software just to enable display brightness control using the Fn-F6 and Fn-F7 key combinations on my FSC P701. After successfully compiling fjbtndrv-2.3.2 under Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, my problem was that fscd returned:

x11 initalisation failed

It turned out that this was due to

xinput device not found

but this device is not even needed for the given purpose. Therefore, I simply replaced in src/fscd.c:

error = x11_open_input_device();
if(error0) {


error = x11_open_input_device();
if(error && 0) {

and after re-compiling, fscd runs without further issues and enables the brightness keys as desired.

I suggest emitting a warning (stating which features will not be working) in case the X11 input device "Fujitsu tablet buttons" is not found.

Moreover, the kernel module included in this package is not needed for the given purpose, either. BTW, many related pages still refer to the module name "fsc_btn", while this apparently was changed to "fujitsu_tablet".

More generally, I miss a least some very basic documentation stating what the exact features of this piece of software are, and how to use them. The README files etc. are empty :-(

Last edit: dvo 2013-08-12