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fix-special-folders fixes folders like My Pictures where someone has broken the special look of the folder or has deleted the folder.


Where this program comes in handy is computer repair, and IT departments, and general home use.


-fix does this by re-creating the folder (if you tell it to and the folder does not already exist or has not been renamed).
-show shows a dump of the folder locations.

-fix only works if the original folder has not been renamed.
If it has been renamed, you do Start, My Computerand browse to make a new folder to store the contents in (preferable under c:\users\yourusername\ or c:\documents and settings\yourusername\ (this is called the Profile folder)).
-fix will only create the special folder if no folder exists by that name already. So if it didn't work, you obviously have a folder than has been renamed or maybe moved/dragged somewhere, and you need to take care of this.

The following directions are for folders that did not get fixed:

My Documents contains the folders My Videos, My Pictures, My Music, so moving files out of this one is going to be tricky.

for My Videos, My Pictures, My Music, you turn on the folders icon in windows explorer so you can see where you are going in the folder tree and browse on the left side to the Profile. windows explorer is not to be confused with Internet Explorer. windows explorer is a file browser/manager. you can also start it with [windows-logo-flag-key]-E.

So if you have a folder already existing by that name and it has no special icon like it should, create new folders. for instance,

  • for My Pictures or Pictures, create the folder pix under Profile,
  • for My Documents or Documents, create the folder docs under Profile,
  • for My Videos or Videos, create the folder vids under Profile,
  • for My Music or Music, create the folder mus under Profile.

Run the -fix, and after it has created whatever folders it could, cut and paste the stuff from the old broken folders to the new folders.
To do this, browse to the old broken folder in the left side pane, ctrl-a selects all, then ctrl-x to cut, then right click on the new folder in the left pane and pick paste (this will move the files over).

Additional Directions: If this is a My Documents folder, after doing the ctrl-a, deselect the other special folders by scrolling to them and ctrl-left-clicking them (this individually turns off items from a selection). This means My Pictures, My Videos, My Music or whatever you accidentally renamed them to.
You do not want to copy these directories with the others because of redundancy, plus the fact that they contain a hidden file, namely, desktop.ini, which is what gives the special folders their special look.

Do this for each folder you need to fix. If it's My Documents, you need to do it for all of them, since the others are contained within My Documents.

Once it is finished moving the files, go verify that the files have moved properly by going into the old folder and seeing if it is empty (it should be), and checking the new folder and seeing if the files are indeed there.

Once verified for all the folders you are going to work with, Delete the old (and now empty) broken folders. this is critical.

Run -fix again.

Cut and paste (move) the files from the new folders you created into the new special folders this program created. this is easier. browse in left-hand pane to new folder you created, ctrl-A to select all. ctrl-x to cut. right-click on new special folder this program created (like My Documents, My Videos, My Music, My Pictures) folder and pick paste.

Re-creates special folders such as My Pictures, My Videos, My Documents, cookies, AppData, and the like. of the CSIDL's listed, the only ones I didn't do were Profiles, Windows, System, Windows, and System, because if those aren't there, the system isn't going to boot anyway.
If someone wants this, they can request this of me and I will compile those in. The only case where I can think of maybe you might need it is if you are doing terminal server or something, and I am still not sure whether this is going to make any difference anyway.


fix-special-folders is under the GPL3 License.



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