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FIX4NET Released!

FIX4NET Released!

A few new features added in this release:
-Override the file naming date suffix on storage files to allow daily, weekly and custom resets of MsgSeqNum In/Out.
-Change the path where storage files are located.
-Control the message timeout on response like Login/Logout.

This release has 5 bug fixes. See the change log for more details.

Posted by Charles 2008-11-03

FIX4NET Released!

FIX4NET now falls under the GNU Lesser General Public License agreement.

Posted by Charles 2008-06-30

FIX4NET Released!

Lots of updates in this release.

-Performance changes and bug fixes.
-New generic factory for connecting with any version.
-A few new helpful classes and interfaces.
-NUnit test cases.

See change log for more details...

Posted by Charles 2008-06-09

FIX4NET Released!


Support FIX 4.4 messaging. All the message classes and serialization code has been added to this release.

Reset the In/Out MsgSeqNum to allow easy override of the last MsgSeqNum sent or received. I know a few people have been eagerly awaiting this feature.

General bug fixes is disconnect procedures.

Posted by Charles 2007-05-29

FIX4NET Released!

FIX4NET version include all FIX 4.0 application messages. Documenation has been update to include FIX 4.0 help.

Posted by Charles 2006-07-21

FIX4NET released!

This version has signifficant performance improvements. I spent lots of time benchmarking different sections of the code and improving anywhere I could. My performance test would send 20k NewOrderSingle messages and receive 20k Execution reports in less then 2 seconds. I also started using NDoc to create a help file. It’s not complete but every little bit helps. I plan on including more documentation as time allows. Several bugs have been flushed out in this release. I found custom tags where not working properly. I also fixed the SequenceReset message it was sending. Enjoy and let me know good or bad how the library is working for you!

Posted by Charles 2006-06-22

FIX4NET released!

This is a major update with support for FIX 4.2 with almost all messages complete.

I did some performance testing running 10,000 m/s with both initiator and acceptor on one machine. This is very good performance for a FIX engine.

Posted by Charles 2006-03-24

FIX4NET coming soon...

The next version of FIX4NET will support FIX 4.2 protocol. Check around mid to late March for the new version.

Posted by Charles 2006-03-09

FIX4NET released!

The initial version is here! Features include: FIX 4.0 system messages, TCP/IP engine, message database(flat-file), and a sample application. More to come....

Posted by Charles 2006-02-03

FIX4NET Initial version coming soon!

I am working on the initial version that will support FIX 4.0 and include a engine, messages, plus flat file database. Expect to see it soon. I already started synchronizing with the CVS tree.

Posted by Charles 2006-02-02