#22 Communication with Cache Mumps


I work in the health sector and I've installed
Intersystems Cache Mumps database.

I'm testing gt.m product in a red hat linux server and it
runs well.

But I'd like to know if gt.m product implements the DDP
protocol to communicate with others mumps servers
like CXM, MSM, Intersystems Cache...

I know gt.m implements the OMI protocol to
communicate with others gt.m servers via GT.CM

Where Can I get more information about GT.CM

Can I configure the OMI Protocol to connect with Cache
Mumps? It's compatible with DCP Cache Protocol?



  • Steven Estes

    Steven Estes - 2002-07-30

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    Hello Xavier,

    I'm sorry but GT.M/x86-Linux does not support the
    DDP protocol. We do however support the OMI protocol
    as you noted. The only architecture specific part of the
    OMI protocol is the server, which GT.M supplies. Any
    language that can open TCP sockets can communicate
    with an OMI server, which would include Cache clients
    as well. I do not know what Cache's available server
    configurations are so I can't speak for those.

    The information on how to start an OMI server is still
    being worked on as priorities permit. However, if you
    look at support request 430134 in this forum, you will
    find directions for starting the GT.CM-OMI server. We
    also have a GT.CM server for the GNP protocol which is
    our own (much as DCP is likely Cache's own). It works
    very well for remotely accessing GT.M databases. The
    documentation for it is also coming along soon.

    Hope this helps..


  • K.S. Bhaskar

    K.S. Bhaskar - 2003-03-31

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    You should be able to use OMI to allow a Cache client to
    communicate with a GT.M server. The technical bulletin in
    the documentation section refers to starting the GNP server,
    but the OMI server is very similar.

  • K.S. Bhaskar

    K.S. Bhaskar - 2003-03-31
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