#21 Opening windows in terminal


I couldn't find the way to use windows in terminal applications, like is
available in others products.

The idea is open a window at the same screen, display a message or
execute a READ command and after close the windows, keeping the content
of the original screen.

See the answer from Sanchez's support:

"GT.M does not have this capability built in. You will need to call
functions in an appropriate library. Since GT.M makes it easy to call
C functions from M, you can use a wide spectrum of libraries that
provide this capability. You could also look into M packages from
Lastic GUI or CyberTools".

Can anybody help me about using this?


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Lastic Screen Handler provides this capability in that
    layered forms are provided with automatic refresh when
    latest form is closed.
    Check out www.lastic.com for more info (including
    evaluation copy downloads).

  • K.S. Bhaskar

    K.S. Bhaskar - 2003-03-31
    • status: open --> closed

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