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GT.M V5.2-000A available on x86 GNU/Linux

GT.M V5.2-000A is available. This provides timely fixes to GT.M on x86 GNU/Linux, as noted in the release notes (which if it is not there already will shortly be available shortly at\). Improvements of most general interest include:

1. GT.M now allows the $PIECE() and $EXTRACT() functions as targets in a SET command that has a parenthesized, comma-separated list of targets. Previous versions disallowed this usage.... read more

Posted by maimoneb 2007-04-13

GT.M V5.1-000 Available for x86 GNU/Linux and Tru64 UNIX

A significant new release, GT.M V5.1-000, is now available for UNIX/Linux platforms. As discussed in the release notes (, there is significant new functionality in this release.

GT.M's unique functionality for creating logical dual site configurations of applications has for years set the standard for continuity of business in the face of both unplanned as well as planned events. With V5.1-000 GT.M now provides for the creation of logical multi-site configurations of applications. As with prior versions of GT.M, updates originate with a primary instance (now referred to as the root primary instance). Whereas in prior versions of GT.M the primary instance replicated to a single secondary instance, in GT.M V5.1-000 the root primary can replicate to as many as 16 secondaries. Each of these secondaries can act as a propagating primary and replicate do as many as 16 tertiaries for a total of 273 instances. Each tertiary can replicate to 16 quarternaries for a total of 4,369 instances. And so on. In the event of a failure of the root primary instance, with appropriate network and operational procedures as discussed in the technical bulletin (, any other instance can become the new root primary. This provides for an unprecedented level of continuity of business.... read more

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2006-06-22

GT.M V5.0-000D available for x86 GNU/Linux

GT.M V5.0-000D is available. This release provides timely fixes to several bugs, as noted in the release notes on the GT.M user documentation page (

In addition to bug fixes, GT.M source code was modified to use ANSI C stdargs.h style of variable argument list parameter passing instead of the earlier K&R C varargs.h style. This change enabled the use of optimizer flags with the gcc C compiler, reducing CPU usage by GT.M applications on the x86 GNU/Linux platform. The change is internal to GT.M and has no functional or operational impact.... read more

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2006-05-10

GT.M Acculturation live CD 0.4 available

Consisting of expository material interspersed with exercises, built on top of FOIA VistA VivitA 20060113, the GT.M Acculturation live CD 0.4 is intended to help those who are used to other M implementations become familiar with GT.M and to help those using GT.M learn about administration and operations.

At 268MB, GT.M Acculturation live CD 0.4 is also less than half the size of its predecessor, the 582MB GT.M Acculturation live CD 0.3.... read more

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2006-03-27

GT.M V5.0-000C available for x86 GNU/Linux

GT.M V5.0-000C is a maintenance release that fixes some bugs and adds a
new feature to GT.M on UNIX/Linux. Line editing is now supported for M
Read operations. Release notes
( and a technical bulletin on the new functionality ( are available at the GT.M user documentation page ( This functionality was previously available on GT.M for OpenVMS; hence the latest version of software for OpenVMS is V5.0-000B.... read more

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2005-12-12

GT.M V5.0-000 for Alpha/AXP available

The binaries for GT.M on Alpha/AXP OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX are available.

This is the first release of GT.M for Alpha/AXP at Source Forge under the GNU General Public License (GPL - see\). Fidelity plans to follow up with the source code within the next few months. As was the case with the release of GT.M on x86 GNU/Linux under GPL, we had to develop procedures to convert from Fidelity's internal directory structures to those more suited to Source Forge. This work will be scheduled into the normal workflow of the developers and the source code will be released when that is completed. Meanwhile, the binaries are available for use.... read more

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2005-10-21

GT.M V5.0-000 available

GT.M V5.0-000 is a major release of GT.M. The fact that it has a new top level version number - V5 vs. V4 - means that it has a new database format. There is significant new functionality as well, as described in the GT.M V5.0-000 Release Notes (

In GT.M V5, transaction counts are 64-bit unsigned integers, up from 32-bit unsigned integers in GT.M V4. This means that if a large bank with millions of accounts previously needed a mupip integ -tn_reset every 6 months, with V5.0-000, it will still need a transaction number reset, but only every 2 billion years. A database that runs nonstop at 1,000,000 updates per second will now need a TN reset every 585,554 years. [Note that even with a 32-bit transaction count, a typical GT.M installation other than very large banks, may have a transaction reset interval of years to decades. Only the largest GT.M production sites in banking are inconvenienced by 32-bit transaction counts.]... read more

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2005-06-09

GT.M V5.0-FT02 available

GT.M V5.0-FT02 is available for download. GT.M V5.0-FT02 is based on V5.0-FT01 with one enhancement and some fixes. No database upgrade is required, and GT.M will automatically recompile as required provided $gtmroutines / $ZROutines is set up correctly.

GT.M V5.0-FT02 is being released on x86 GNU/Linux only.


GT.M on UNIX/Linux now recognizes when the $PRINCIPAL device is a TCP/IP socket. Previously such devices were treated as regular files. This feature is designed to allow a GT.M process to be started in response to a connection request made via [x]inetd.... read more

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2005-05-19

GT.M Acculturation live CD available

The GT.M Acculturation live CD is a Linux live CD aimed at those who would like to learn about GT.M. It is a tutorial with examples and exercises focusing on the differences between GT.M and other implementations of M. In view of the fact that these differences are mostly in the area of administrations and operations, reflecting GT.M's emphasis as a platform for secure, mission critical, production applications, that is the focus.... read more

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2005-03-07

GT.M V5.0-FT01 available

GT.M V5.0-FT01 is available. This is a field test version that extends the length of names to 31 characters, adds a $Increment() function, and provides an option for a database to contain existing nodes with null subscripts while prohibiting sets with null subscripts. Please put it through its paces.

Friends of GT.M may also be interested in looking at: read more

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2004-12-04

GT.M V4.4-004 available

GT.M V4.4-004 is now available. The release otes are also on Source Forge ( The major new feature is support for local variable strings up to MB in length.

-- Bhaskar

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2004-04-16

GT.M V4.4-003 available

GT.M V4.4-003 has been released. Updated binaries, documentation (new Programmers Guide and Messages and Recovery Procedures Manual) and source code are available for download, as are release notes (

The most significant enhancement for this release is functionality to permit the creation of UNIX shared libraries containing object modules generated by GT.M on IBM pSeries AIX and HP PA-RISC HP-UX platforms, extending to those platforms functionality that was previously available on HP Alpha/AXP Tru64 UNIX.... read more

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2003-11-03

GT.M Job Examine / System Status How To

A document has been posted to the Docs section that summarizes how to package existing GT.M functionality to provide a Job Examine and System Status function in a presentation that users of other M implementations are used to.

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2003-10-23

GT.M V4.4-002 and V4.4-FT01 available

GT.M V4.4-002 and V4.4-FT01 are now available.

With V4.4-002 on UNIX/Linux, the M run-time system is now packaged as a shared library ( and the mumps executable is merely a wrapper that calls functions in the shared library (e.g., it is now just 15,833 bytes in size on Linux). The major new functionality that results from this is that the top level program (that which is called from the shell), no longer needs to be an M program -- the outer level can also be a C main() function. Effective V4.4-002, M and C code can be intermixed in an application. The implications are significant -- for example, it is now possible to use GT.M for dynamic web content scripting by directly calling M functions from a web or application server, instead of using a CGI interface. There is a new technical bulletin (TB5-027) on the call-in functionality.... read more

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2003-08-05

GT.M V4.3-001E binary distribution

The GT.M binary distribution available in the Files area (gtm_V43001E_linux_i386_pro.tar.gz) contains the GT.M distribution for version V4.3-001E on Linux/I386. The software was built inadvertently on Red Hat 8 and that to run it on RH 7.x requires
that the software be rebuilt from source. The sources for GT.M V4.3-001E are the same for RH 7.x and RH 8.0 -- GT.M Support, May 22, 2003

Posted by Vinaya Revannaswamy 2003-05-22

V4.3-001E & V4.3-FT18 now available

GT.M V4.3-001E and V4.3-FT18 are now available. These releases mostly fix bugs (refer to the release notes in technical bulletin TB5-023H for details). Source code for V4.3-001E is also available.

V4.3-FT18 is a field test release that is identical to V4.3-001E but fixes one additional bug that was discovered too late to be incorporated into the release. In very rare cases (where a pointer has a certain unlucky magic value), a Merge where the right hand side (source) is a local variable can return without doing the Merge. The only workaround is to avoid such a Merge. The fix will be in the next production release.... read more

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2003-04-04

New GT.M Programmers Guide Released

An updated GT.M Programmers Guide (corresponding to the V4.3 series of releases) is available and can be downloaded from the GT.M project page.

-- Bhaskar

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2003-02-05

GT.M V4.3-001D now available

GT.M V4.3-001D is now available (binary, source, and release notes). This includes a couple of fixes relevant to VistA, including in the areas of error trapping, and pattern matching (see the Change History section of the release notes). GT.M[tm] is a vetted, industrial strength, transaction processing application platform consisting of a database engine optimized for high TP throughput and a compiler for the M (aka MUMPS) programming language. ... read more

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2002-12-15

Sanchez achieves SEI CMM level 3 rating

Sanchez announced today that our Engineering group has achieved the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) level 3 of the Carnegie-Mellon University Software Engineering Institute.

The news release is at

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2002-10-23

GT.M macro pre-processor posted

Valeriy Glushkov has written a GT.M macro pre-processor. It is currently available in the Patches area (, and we will see about making it available in the main summary page.

Here is his description:

This is the first alpha-version of Macro Preprocessor for
GT.M. It is partially compatible with Cache' MAC
preprocessor.... read more

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2002-09-09

GT.M V4.3-001B released

GT.M[tm] is a vetted, industrial strength, transaction processing application platform consisting of a database engine optimized for high TP throughput and a compiler for the M (aka MUMPS) programming language. GT.M is open-souce freeware on x86/Linux.

GT.M V4.3-001B is now available. For the x86 GNU/Linux platform, this is mostly bug fixes. Details are in the release notes (available in the Docs section).... read more

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2002-08-27

GT.M V4.3-001A CVS tree updated

The CVS repository has been updated with the sources for GT.M version V4.3-001A. The CVS tag for this version is V43001A.

Posted by Vinaya Revannaswamy 2002-06-13

GT.M V4.3-001A released

GT.M[tm] is a vetted, industrial strength, transaction processing application platform consisting of a database engine optimized for high TP throughput and a compiler for the M (aka MUMPS) programming language. GT.M is open-souce freeware on x86/Linux.

GT.M version V4.3-001A is now available for download. The binary distribution and the source files can be dowloaded from the Files area. Follow the V4.3-001A link under GT.M-x86-linux for the release notes. Other relevant documents for this release are
- GT.M Job Interrupt Examine
These can be found in the Docs area under Technical Bulletins.
The CVS tree will be updated soon.

Posted by Vinaya Revannaswamy 2002-05-24

GT.CM PHP client now available

PHP client to access a remote database served by a GT.CM server is now available for download. Please refer to readme.txt in the distribution file for details about installing and using PHP client. The PHP client and GT.CM server use the Greystone Network Protocol (GNP) over TCP/IP.

The package name is GT.CM-PHP. This release is a field test version and is not part of the CVS tree.


Posted by Vinaya Revannaswamy 2002-02-11

GT.M V4.3-000 now available

GT.M[tm] is a vetted, industrial strength, transaction processing application platform consisting of a database engine optimized for high TP throughput and a compiler for the M (aka MUMPS) programming language. GT.M is open-souce freeware on x86/Linux.

GT.M version V4.3-000 is now available. This release adds support for GT.CM clients and servers using the GNP protocol over TCP on UNIX platforms. It adds support for the M standard intrinsic functions $QLENGTH(), $QSUBSCRIPT(), $REVERSE(), and $STACK(); the M standard intrinsic variables $ECODE, $ESTACK, $ETRAP and $SYSTEM, and the MDC type A intrinsic variable $REFERENCE (read-only). There are also new features to expedite migration to GT.M from other M implementations.... read more

Posted by Vinaya Revannaswamy 2001-12-17