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V5.5-000 available

(Our apologies; this news nugget was not submitted in a timely manner.)

V5.5-000 provides a new type of replication, described in more detail in the Supplementary Instance Technical Bulletin (for all GT.M user documentation go to and click on the User Documentation tab). With Supplementary Instance (SI) replication, GT.M provides a mechanism to replicate to a supplementary instance which can execute its own business logic and commit database updates, for example, to provide reporting, decision support, data warehousing, auditing, and so on. In the course of that work, we have improved other aspects of replication.

MUPIP REORG now has a -TRUNCATE option, to return unused space at the end of a database file to the host file system.

An enhancement to the DO command allows for label invocations using DO to no longer require parentheses for calls with no actuallist. This change also improves the performance of routine invocation.

The encryption reference plug-in supports a method you can employ if you want to pass an obfuscated password between unrelated processes, or even from one system to another.

-- Bhaskar

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2012-07-19

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