GT.M V5.1-000 Available for x86 GNU/Linux and Tru64 UNIX

A significant new release, GT.M V5.1-000, is now available for UNIX/Linux platforms. As discussed in the release notes (, there is significant new functionality in this release.

GT.M's unique functionality for creating logical dual site configurations of applications has for years set the standard for continuity of business in the face of both unplanned as well as planned events. With V5.1-000 GT.M now provides for the creation of logical multi-site configurations of applications. As with prior versions of GT.M, updates originate with a primary instance (now referred to as the root primary instance). Whereas in prior versions of GT.M the primary instance replicated to a single secondary instance, in GT.M V5.1-000 the root primary can replicate to as many as 16 secondaries. Each of these secondaries can act as a propagating primary and replicate do as many as 16 tertiaries for a total of 273 instances. Each tertiary can replicate to 16 quarternaries for a total of 4,369 instances. And so on. In the event of a failure of the root primary instance, with appropriate network and operational procedures as discussed in the technical bulletin (, any other instance can become the new root primary. This provides for an unprecedented level of continuity of business.

Effective V5.1-000, a database file can be converted between little endian and big endian architectures. Options exist to convert database files in place, or while being copied. Previously, converting a database from one endianness to the other required an extract and load. This functionality is described in the technical bulletin on Database Endian Conversion ( The x86 and Alpha/AXP architectures are little endian. IBM eServer pSeries, Sun SPARC, and HP PA-RISC are big endian.

Following through on a previous announcement of Fidelity's intention to release the source code for GT.M on Alpha/AXP platforms, the source code for GT.M on HP Alpha/AXP Tru64 UNIX is being made available herewith.

GT.M released under the GPL is available from Source Forge (

As an added precaution against errors in transmission and other causes of damage to the distribution files, checksums are available for each file. Please verify the checksums after downloading and before installing any GT.M distribution. If you get a checksum error, please download the file and try again. If you get the same incorrect checksum twice in a row, please send e-mail to as soon as possible.

Use "cksum <file>" to compute and print the checksum. Checksums are as follows:

276321547 129376 dbcertify_V51000_linux_i386_pro.tar.gz
2443525027 3890134 gtm_V51000_linux_i386_pro.tar.gz
3492079759 2423494 gtm_V51000_linux_i386_src.tar.gz

3982778946 189840 dbcertify_V51000_osf1_alpha_pro.tar.gz
761973343 5966610 gtm_V51000_osf1_alpha_pro.tar.gz
4203972950 2440419 gtm_V51000_osf1_alpha_src.tar.gz

Please remember to download using binary FTP.

For further information, please contact K.S. Bhaskar (ks dot bhaskar at fnf dot com).

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2006-06-22

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