GT.M V4.3-001E and V4.3-FT18 are now available at Source Forge ( and, if you have purchased maintenance from Sanchez, at the Sanchez FTP site.  These releases mostly fix bugs (refer to the release notes in technical bulletin TB5-023H for details).  Source code for V4.3-001E on x86 GNU/Linux is also available at Source Forge.

V4.3-FT18 is a field test release that is identical to V4.3-001E but fixes one additional bug that was discovered too late to be incorporated into that release.  In very rare cases (where a pointer has a certain unlucky magic value), a Merge where the right hand side (source) is a local variable can return without doing the Merge.  The only workaround is to avoid such a Merge.  The fix will be in the next production release.

If you are using GT.M for VistA, please use V4.3-FT18, since VistA source code includes use such Merges.

-- Bhaskar

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