Buffer Management

  • Jerry Goodnough

    Jerry Goodnough - 2001-07-20

    In reading the documentation for Sockets I noticed that W # which should flush the buffer will append a formfeed to the stream (under linux). Does anyone know of a way to get arround this? Also is there any control over the buffrer size?

    • Vinaya Revannaswamy

      Jerry, the following two device parameters allow you to control buffer sizes

      ZB[FSIZE]=integer - sets the GT.M internal buffer size for the socket device

      ZI[BFSIZE]=integer - sets the TCP receive buffer size for the socket device

      Both integer values denote byte lengths and are limited to a maximum of 1048576 (1M)

      Sanchez Computer Associates, Inc

      • Jerry Goodnough

        Jerry Goodnough - 2001-07-23

        Thanks for the info. Is it true that on Linux W # will append a form feed? If so Is there any other way I can force a flush of the buffer?

    • Sam Weiner

      Sam Weiner - 2001-07-23

      The documentation needs to be updated.  The initial implementation
      of sockets did write a form feed to the stream with the # format control.
      This has not been the case for any of the versions posted to Sourceforge.

      Thanks for bringing this documentation issue to our attention.

      As far as flushing buffers, the current implementation does not buffer
      writes to sockets so any delays in sending bytes is due to TCP delays.
      If you look at iosocket_flush.c, you will see some commented out code
      which is an attempt to bypass these normal TCP delays.  Other modules
      for iosocket and iotcp have similar comments from an attempt to address
      this issue earlier.


    • Andy Amply

      Andy Amply - 2001-09-28

      Is ZB buffer used for read or for write?
      Or, maybe, it used for both?
      What buffer (ZB or ZI) must be greater
      (in case if ZB also used for reading)?
      What are sizes of these buffers by default?



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