socket passing in GTM 6.1000

  • minisys

    minisys - 2014-05-24

    After opening and fetching a socket via w /wait, i try to pass the socket ($p($KEY,"|",2)) to an other job with:
    j target^webserver:(INPUT="SOCKET:h14009661550":OUTPUT="SOCKET:h14009661550")
    and get the error message:
    %GTM-E-PARFILSPC, Parameter: INPUT file specification: SOCKET:h14009661550

    Where is my fault?

    Last edit: minisys 2014-05-24
  • Gary Duzan

    Gary Duzan - 2014-05-25

    To pass a socket via the JOB command it must be in the socket pool. Most likely you need to USE mysocket:DETACH="h14009661550", then do the JOB command. A ZSHOW "D" or ZSHOW "D":glvn can be helpful in verifying the state of your sockets.

    • minisys

      minisys - 2014-05-25

      I need a bigger screen and a new glasses.
      The release notes correctly says
      "The JOB command now allows DETACHed sockets ..."
      but i read
      "The JOB command now allows DETACH sockets ...".
      Thanks a lot, now it works perfectly.


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